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How Real Consulting helped the German travel and tourism software company speed up its sales processes.

About Bewotec

Established in 1988, Bewotec is a Rösrath-based software company with 30+ years of experience. With over 30% of travel and tourism companies in Germany using Bewotec's software, the company has grown a customer base of more than 4,500 companies across the world.

Bewotec offers two softwares solutions for travel businesses

  • DaVinci offers an all-in-one online solution to tour operators to manage their end-to-end requirements such as purchase, sales, analytics, and automation.
  • myJack helps travel agencies effectively manage their computer reservation systems (CRS), mid-office, accounting, and online sales all through a single digital interface.

Bewotec has customers across Europe and the DACH market (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland). TUI Cruises, Sunweb Group, and Railtour are some of Bewotec’s marquee customers out of the 6,500 travel customers that it serves.

"Originally I was against Salesforce because I thought that it would take too much effort to change from our existing system to another. But then the sales manager convinced me to keep trying with Salesforce. Today I have to say that the success of Bewotec in recent years was in large part due to the fact that we switched to Salesforce.”
Bernhard Koller, CEO at Bewotec

- Bernhard Koller,

CEO at Bewotec


A few years back, the sales team at Bewotec started looking for an efficient software solution to solve their sales processes that needed improvement.
They were specifically looking to fix five key areas that were critical to the company’s growth:

  • Over-dependence on the developers to obtain data and reports.
  • The high overhead costs related to the development activities.
  • The long wait time to obtain sales KPIs and other important metrics.
  • The lack of transparency to view customer case statuses.
  • Not-so-ideal user experience that could possibly lead to customer churn.

The company wanted a software solution with a global standard that offered ample room for integration and was secure.

How Real Consulting helped

Bewotec got in touch with Real Consulting after it came highly recommended from the Salesforce team. There was an instant synergy because the Salesforce experts from Real Consulting articulated the solutions to Bewotec’s problems in a simple, non-technical language.

Over time, Real Consulting helped Bewotec implement the following solutions:

  • Sales Cloud implementation for better process transparency.
  • The launch of Bewotec Academy for better product adoption.
  • Setting up a smooth onboarding process with Salesforce.
  • CSAT survey for creating a direct feedback loop.
  • Service Cloud implementation to improve support team collaboration.
  • Automated chat for contextual bot-to-agent handoff.


  • The customer-facing teams at Bewotec love the Community Cloud because they can view the real-time status of a case involving a customer issue.
  • After implementing Salesforce, they don’t have to depend on a developer to know the status of a case. This has led Bewotec to reduce the developer-related overhead costs by up to 15%.
  • The company has switched to Salesforce to manage 70% of its processes across other departments within a year of the first implementation.

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