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Salesforce Training

Real Consulting offers online and on-site Salesforce training, seminars and classes for users, administrators and developers. We will assist you in realizing the benefits of Salesforce and maximise user adoption within your company.

We offer a number of options: from individual coaching to mentoring mid-size groups.

The users of your Salesforce instance are the ones who will make the magic happen.

Without a proper use of a CRM system, there is not much value to it. We make sure that your employes are se e Salesforce platform on a daily basis.

To make the classes practical and relevant for the user, we always place and emphasis on using content that is oriented to your individual Salesforce solution and processes.

We offer different types of training:

  • For new Salesforce customers.
  • For implementation of new features.
  • For new for Salesforce Updates.
  • For additional business unit expansion
  • For new employees.

The Salesforce user training can take place either online or at your offices. The length of the workshop will be determined by the topics that need to be covered.

For many years we have used the coach the coach method.

We provide Salesforce coaching to sales, marketing, customer service as well as internal project managers. Our aim is to create internal Power Users. In the future these power users will teach their team to use the platform efficiently.

We offer different coaching levels: from beginners to experienced Salesforce Administrators.

  • We emphasize best practices for the configuration of your Salesforce platform. With this know-how you will be able to simplify your daily tasks within Salesforce and enjoy a more productive experience.

What are the 5 main benefits of Salesforce training?

  1. ROI - Once your employees will learn how to use Salesforce, the overall team productivity will increase.
  2. Performance tracking - When data will be logged correctly to the CRM, it will give you an insight into how you are performing as a company.
  3. Alignment between all teams - Salesforce can act as the single source of truth for all the data concerning the customer - from sales to customer support.
  4. Data Security and privacy - You could save all the customer and sensitive data in one place, run compliance programs, reports and also delete data easily .
  5. Employee Satisfaction - Your employees are going to avoid wasting time on difficult tools. This will make their work easier and more efficient.
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Are you ready to empower your business with Salesforce?