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Buben & Mädchen

How Real Consulting helped the Mainz-based rewards and incentives company to improve their customer service with Salesforce Service Cloud.

Buben et Madchen management team

About Buben & Mädchen

Buben & Mädchen is a rewards and incentives company that operates in the B2B domain. The company designs, delivers, and supports incentive programs, bonuses, loyalty programs, and sales promotion services for globally-renowned businesses such as Toyota, Audi, Thomsit (BASF Brand) and Bofrost.

The Mainz-based company ships about 160,000 gifts and rewards under its various rewards programs every year to clients spread across 34 countries.

Challenges Faced

Buben & Mädchen started facing some challenges that are typical to growing companies when they add new customers into the fold. Their challenges were mainly centered around three areas:

  • Lack of communication across teams
  • Lack of visibility on customer data
  • Issues scaling their process in sales and customer service teams

Customer data was only limited to a single project manager (PM), which sometimes led to delays in customer service, since the company didn’t have a common place to store all the customer information in one place.

The PMs also spent a lot of time handling large volumes of client calls instead of being able to focus on more meaningful work.

“We had a lot of experience working with other software providers. So when we meet a good partner, we know it straight away. We chose Real Consulting because they understood what is our need from the start.”
Holger J. Bub, Managing Partner at Buben & Mädchen GmbH

- Holger Bub

Head of Sales Competence at Buben & Mädchen

Salesforce Solutions Implemented

Real Consulting recommended the client company to implement Service Cloud first instead based on the immediate business requirements.

They also identified solutions that adapted to Buben & Mädchen’s existing processes rather than the other way around. They added Live Agent chat widget to Buben & Mädchen’s custom websites to streamline their online support traffic.

Real Consulting also integrated  Service Cloud with Mirage CTI—a data connector telephony solution for Salesforce that allows companies to connect with any PBX system (Private Branch Exchange) like Skype, Microsoft Teams, or Amazon Connect.

The add-on integration allowed the support team to leverage a wide range of features like recording the caller’s identification, call duration, call type, call results, call start and end time, etc. in Service Cloud.

Real Consulting implemented Sales Cloud CRM for Buben & Mädchen and helped their business team record all the important metrics such as the number of sales opportunities, leads, and sales.

The Sales Cloud implementation is especially crucial for the company since they just recently launched “Incentive Arena”—the company’s brand new SaaS product.

Buben & Mädchen is planning to use Sales Cloud for their new product from the get-go to simplify their sales and marketing campaigns and keep all their team communication in one place.

Key Results

  • The Service Cloud implementation helped Buben & Mädchen make their customer service more personalized and improve their overall support metrics.
  • The Sales Cloud implementation has enabled their business team to quickly send new business proposals, qualify leads, and validate the account data thoroughly.
  • With a new product launch in the offing, Buben & Mädchen is already seeing the Salesforce’s potential in helping them scale their processes in an organized fashion—all thanks to Real Consulting.

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