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Crem Solutions

Salesforce cut the time it took for the Crem Solutions team to complete an offer confirmation to under one minute.


About Crem Solutions

Crem Solutions is a leading tech company in Germany that provides real estate management software and services. Their main offerings are branched under two verticals: product and service.

They provide licenses for iX-Haus and iX-Haus Plus IHS software products. These tools are primarily targeted for the real estate property managers to help them manage their commercial properties. On the service side, Crem Solutions offers support services for their software, support hours, and consulting services.

For the last 39 years, Crem Solutions has been providing property management solutions for a long list of clientele ranging from housing companies, corporate real estate management companies, and smart buildings. Their acquisition into the Nemetschek Group in 1998 has further fueled their growth and has helped them expand their footprint in the global real estate market.


Owing to their rapid growth, Crem Solutions wanted to notch up its spirit of innovation and offer a delightful experience for their internal customers, i.e., their own employees.

Their back-office team—for example—was using Microsoft Word to design quote templates and creating offers and customer contracts by hand. Before adopting Salesforce as a solution, it took Crem Solutions employees 20 times longer to create one quote out of all the 15–20 quotes they had to send everyday.

Crem Solutions wanted to replace the manual processes with efficient tools because it was starting to take a toll on its employees.

“At one point in time,” recalls Philipp Spitz, Head of Marketing and Communications at Crem Solutions, “we had two colleagues whose job was to only write offers and quotes for customers. That made us rethink the entire process and to create a new one.”

“It was a very hands-on collaboration. It was super easy for us to just make a phone call, drop an email, or directly contact someone from Real Consulting whenever we had a question or a problem.”

- Philipp Spitz

Head of Marketing and Communications, Crem

How Real Consulting Helped

Real Consulting came highly recommended to Crem Solutions through their Salesforce account manager. The Crem Solutions team set up an initial meeting with Real Consulting, liked the solutions they suggested, and decided to rope them in for the Salesforce project.

Crem Solutions were extremely happy with the outcomes because all the projects that Real Consulting implemented for them were first tested in a sandbox environment and worked without any technical hiccups.

Apart from the product implementations, Real Consulting consulted Crem Solutions on how to create data tables, make the most of the Salesforce reporting capabilities, and optimize their sales processes, among several other best practices.

Key Results

Before Salesforce came into the picture, it took days for the Crem Solutions team to complete an offer confirmation process with their customers. They first had to create an offer, send it to the customer as quotes, and wait for the customers to sign it for approval.

After adopting Sales Cloud as their software solution, Crem Solutions slashed the time it took to create a quote to under one minute! Real Consulting also programmed a solution for the Crem Solutions team to generate personalized quotes for customers. They built a new custom object on top of the Opportunity Split feature to track new business opportunities and calculate the revenue per opportunity.

Crem Solutions built a new offer confirmation process which reduced the customer approval process by a huge margin.

Real Consulting worked together with Crem Solutions to create a messaging tool that allowed Crem Solutions' backend team to send quotes directly to the customers. The new solution helped Crem Solutions put everything together in one step. They just had to open the email app and the PDF was automatically attached to the email message—removing the manual hassles in between.

“We actually have a group-wide Salesforce team to exchange ideas on how to use the software better,” says Spitz.

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