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Hospitality Digital

As a trusted Salesforce partner, Real Consulting helps Hospitality Digital scale up its sales and customer service.

Buben et Madchen management team

About Hospitality Digital

Founded in 2015, Hospitality Digital offers natively-built end-to-end solutions to help retail hoteliers, restaurants, and caterers streamline their day-to-day management.

Below are some of the products and services that Hospitality Digital offers to its clients via Dish.co platform:

  • DISH WEBSITE helps restaurants create free business websites on their own
  • DISH WEBLISTING makes it easy for restaurants to list their businesses across +20 digital platforms like Google and TripAdvisor
  • DISH RESERVATION is a tool to organize and manage table reservations online
  • DISH VOUCHER is an online portal that lets diners purchase gift card vouchers

As part of the Metro AG group—the Düsseldorf-based multinational company—Hospitality Digital also sources solutions from the METRO Accelerator programs and other startup partners to help small and medium-sized restaurants, hotels, and catering businesses improve their sales.

In addition to that, Hospitality Digital also has an investment wing—called LeadX Capital Partners—that helps businesses in the retail food sector realize their digital transformation goals.

“The Real Consulting team supported us with not only the taken-for-granted part—which is the Salesforce support—but they were also willing to increase their knowledge and extend their support in other areas. Being able to count on such reliable and flexible partner during the monetisation project—was a major value addition.”
Katiana Maria Montoya Morales

- Katiana Montoya

Director of Dev. Process and Demand Management at Hospitality Digital

Real Consulting blends in the mix like a thickening agent

The Real Consulting team came into the picture when Hospitality Digital wanted support in launching DISH WEBLISTING Premium. Real Consulting’ support was crucial for the launch since DISH WEBLISTING Premium was the first product to get monetized.

For example, Real Consulting team was willing to extend their support not only for implementing Salesforce solutions but also for FinancialForce—which was being used to implement the billing process required for the monetization.

Hospitality Digital sells DISH WEBLISTING Premium and other products through its call center—in addition to other existing sales channels.

Initially, the Real Consulting team worked as a second-level support team for the call center—who were already using Salesforce applications such as Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Marketing Cloud.

For example, the Real Consulting team stepped forward whenever the call center agents needed technical-level help in fixing problems that arose in one of the products. The team also extended their help to the finance team in fixing invoice-related issues.

This means they also helped in troubleshooting issues that came up in other third-party apps that the call center was using, namely: Vonage (for NewVoiceMedia), PCI-Pal, Wirecard, and FinancialForce.

Hospitality Digital applauded the folks from Real Consulting for their great teamwork spirit and for acquiring the technical know-how and understanding of the internal processes to support new tools such as FinancialForce.

Hospitality Digital gets a sweet deal

To Real Consulting’ team credit, folks at Hospitality Digital appreciated their work ethics in terms of communicating about the SLAs, giving clear time frames, and maintaining a personal touch all the while.

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