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Salesforce Development

The Salesforce platform offers endless opportunities for custom development. These can range from simple page layouts to full-scale applications.

Based on your needs we can provide you with custom object development, apps, plug-ins for your Salesforce org, custom integrations with third-party applications and interfaces.

No matter if it’s in sales, customer service or marketing- with the right app or development you can benefit from unlimited freedom and optimal user experience through customized tools and functions.

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Custom Object Development

The Salesforce object is a simple, yet powerful feature that stores information within the platform. If customized, Salesforce objects have the potential to give an organization a completely new set of functionalities. It allows you to store information that’s specific to the company or industry.

Learn more about Salesforce Objects:

Download Custom Objects Cheat Sheet

Custom Integrations

We tailor the strategy to meet your integration needs. For straightforward data exchange between your application and Salesforce we use data integration options like SOAP API.

For more complex cases, we opt for business logic integration options like Apex Web Services or Apex Callouts.

Learn more about custom Salesforce integrations:

Download Custom Integrations Cheat Sheet

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