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Managed Services

Simply leave your Salesforce management to us while you concentrate on managing your business. Our services come in packages or you can pay as you go for the hours that you actually use.

Our experienced team can offer:

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Salesforce Administration

We will act as the bridge between your business and the technology allowing you to use Salesforce without thinking about the technicals. 

We maintain your platform, take care of bugs and keep everything updated. Leave your Salesforce admin to us so you can use the system issue-free.

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Salesforce support and case resolution

Our support experts will be at your disposal for resolving Salesforce related cases, bugs and fixes. You can determine personal response and
resolution times that suit your business best.

Have you submitted a case through the Salesforce support portal but
the solution requires technical expertise? Our experts can also handle the communication with the
Salesforce support team and manage your support cases for you.

Should I opt for outsourced Salesforce services or hire an inhouse team? 

This is a question that comes across most frequently with our customers. The answer depends on your profile such as your Salesforce project, your budget and your company size.

We have compiled the pros and cons of outsourced vs. in-house Salesforce services to help you to decide between the two.

Are you ready to empower your business with Salesforce?