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Our Salesforce services are tailored to you. We analyse your needs during the discovery call and an initial workshop. For this reason, our pricing will vary depending on your individual situation.

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the Real Consulting

Health Check

The Real Consulting Health Check is a service package that is aimed at existing Salesforce users.

Are you a Salesforce user who wants to take more out of the platform? 

Are there old processes there that are no longer needed?

Does your Salesforce feel “messy”? 

After investing a lot of time and resources into a tool, it can be frustrating when it does not reflect all the internal processes, customer journeys and is generally not operating at 100% of its promised potential.

What is the Salesforce Health Check exactly? 

"The Real Consulting Health Check helped us to increase the efficiency in our resource planning. Previously our Salesforce was not set-up properly so we would not be able to for example see which food trucks were booked and which ones were available. But thanks to Real Consulting’ customer-oriented & comprehensive workshops, the team succeeded in restructuring our Salesforce to fit our processes. In addition, we were able to benefit from the extensive Salesforce know-how of the Real Consulting consultants. "
Jan Dinter, Co-Founder & CEO at Celebrate Streetfood

- Jan Dinter

Co-Founder & CEO at we celebrate:
Our services

What we provide

The Real Consulting Health Check is aimed at companies who are already using Salesforce but would like to enhance their current setup both from the employee and the customer-facing side.

Our experienced consultants will:

  • Discover your pain points and set up goals for your Salesforce platform
  • Analyse your Salesforce data and processes from the business and the technical point of view 
  • Ensure that your Salesforce platform is up to date with all the newest releases and upgrades
  • Review that all the third-party systems and apps are correctly integrated into Salesforce
  • Find and analyse errors and/or bugs
  • Provide thorough documentation with recommendations on how to optimise your Salesforce platform. 
  • Give tips on how to use Salesforce based on best practices and industry knowledge
  • Optional: basic bug fixes

As a result, you will have a clear overview of the state of your Salesforce platform as well as a list of performance enhancements that should be done.

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How do we work?

We use senior resources with 8+ years of Salesforce project experience. This way you can benefit from their industry knowledge and best practices. 

Workshop (with the client)

Ask and listen

Our consultants will prompt you with questions about your business and about how your Salesforce is working (or not working). Our aim is to understand your needs, pain points, and goals regarding your Salesforce platform.

Show and see

Hands-on: we will ask you to show your current workflows directly in your own Salesforce. This will give our consultants a practical overview of the current status.


Our consultants will summarise the learnings from the workshop and agree on the next steps.

Deep technical analysis (consultant work)

Our consultants will:

  • Make an evaluation of the Salesforce Health Check
  • Perform a Salesforce Usage Check
  • Analyse and re-produce the issues found during the workshop
  • Test these issues and see what type of automation actions are connected
  • Make recommendations of possible solutions

Fixing basic bugs (optional)

During the Health Check we will usually find a number of basic bugs in Salesforce that can be easily fixed within a day of our consultants’ work. This is an optional service and comes with an extra fee. 


Our consultants will provide you with comprehensive documentation that will include:

Status quo of your Salesforce platform

Improvement suggestions for your Salesforce platform

Explanation of why the improvements will benefit you

Estimation of consultant work time for fixing the discovered issues


Basic Real Consulting Health Check

2 days of work

€ 1.600
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Basic Real Consulting Health Check + Bug Fix

3 days of work

€ 2.500
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