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Our Method

We have used our vast experience with customers to create a method that we apply to every project. This way we ensure high quality of work with every client. 

Working in close partnership with the customer is of central importance to us. We strive for a transparent collaborative exchange from start to finish.

Explore our method below:

Listen and ask

  • Understanding the client and the business.
  • Analysis of the current IT landscape.
  • In depth gathering of needs, challenges and requirements.

Talk and reflect

  • Definition of the solution based on customer’s needs.
  • Definition of the implementation strategy.
  • Confirmation of the proposed solution and strategy with client.
  • Agreement on timelines, milestones and project package.

Get it done!


  • Implementation of the solution defined in the scoping phase.
  • Division of project into sub-projects and tasks.
  • Tasks are divided into user stories


  • Testing and approval of each user story before deployment.
  • Testing of user stories by:
    – Developer
    – Consultant
    – Client


  • Approval and testing of the solution
  • Full or phased deployment of the solution.

If you would like to have more details about each step of the Real Consulting Method, you can download the brochure below:

Download our Method Brochure