Real Consulting has a new look

Today we are announcing our new branding. We are beyond excited to share these new updates with you and explain the reasons behind them.

Back in 2009, our CEO Reza used Salesforce for the first time. This made him realize the full power of the platform as well as the huge community behind the ecosystem. That is why he decided to create Cloudideas. 

Since then, Real Consulting grew into a family of Salesforce experts with an extended customer base. With the new branding, we aim to represent our core values, our employees, and the way we work. 

These changes are reflected in a new logo, typeface, colors, website, and imagery such as photos and illustrations.

We also updated our company codex because we realised that the core values of our company and employees are the main reason for our success in the past 10 years. 

What has changed? 


Cloudideas Logo change

In the new logo, the symbol inside the cloud is a reference to a light bulb which represents new ideas and technology. Its simplicity in terms of shapes reflects our value of agility in creating the best fitting solutions for our customers.  

Company Colors

We also changed our main colors to Royal Blue and Yolk Yellow. 

The Blue represents our values of integrity and trust. 

The Yellow on the other hand represents our young and multicultural team that aims for innovation.


We completely changed the look of our website. Here are a couple of highlights:

  • Services: We have updated our services page to make it more clear for users to understand what services are offered by Real Consulting. We added a clear explanation of our process as well as a new package: the Real Consulting Health Check. 
  • Customers: Our customers’ page will now include new testimonials, customers categorized by the industry as well as brand new customer success stories and videos. 

Company Codex

Cloudideas has been around since 2011. This success is owed to its most important asset: the employees. We spoke about what are our most important values both personally and professionally and decided to make them a core part of our company. 

Our number one value is: 

Diversity and Inclusion

We are 100% multicultural and multilingual. We know that people from different cultural backgrounds and paths of life will bring valuable ideas and innovation that will make Cloudideas succeed.  

Read more about the rest of our values here.

Remaining Real Consulting

To our customers and partners, we are still the same Real Consulting as before but with stronger values and a fresher look.

By creating something new we wanted to better represent something that was actually already there. This is our team, our customers, and our values.

Take a look at our new website and let us know what you think! 

About the author

Sofia Filippova
Sofia Filippova

Marketing and Communications at Cloudideas GmbH

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