We believe that the most important part of the company are it’s employees. They are the heart and soul of the company, setting the company culture and the way that the company is viewed by customers. We wanted for you to get to know the Real Consulting heart and soul and that’s why we decided to start an employee interview series for our blog.

Introducing: Sergej Derugo

The first person interviewed is our Salesforce Project Manager Sergej Derugo. Sergej’s story is very interesting and inspiring for people who are thinking about starting a career with Salesforce from scratch.

Sergej is originally from Belarus where he grew up. He also did his university degrees in German and English and a second degree in Economics. He moved to Germany in 2010 and immediately got yet another degree in Economics.

Why Salesforce?

Since he was young, Sergej was always interested in electronics, computers and games. Because of this, when a friend told him about Salesforce, he was interested straight away. Sergej started to learn Salesforce by himself using Trailhead.

“Before learning Salesforce, I had no technical experience or knowledge of cloud products. Although technology interested me, I never wanted to study informatics or become a developer. When I discovered Salesforce, I saw that it was very interesting because of it’s friendly user interface and how it was extremely future oriented.” Says Sergej.

Working at Real Consulting

Sergej’s curiosity and self study eventually landed him a job at Real Consulting and he has been with us already for 3 years.

“The first day that I joined Cloudideas, the founder, Reza, asked me to do a task in Salesforce that I had never done before. It was a bit like a test. After some struggle I was able to do it and here I am still!”

Sergej currently works as a Project Manager but the job is much more than just coordinating big projects and the people. When he is working on smaller projects, his team can consist of only himself and another developer. Thanks to his multiple degrees he is able to do many different tasks himself.

“My official title is Project Manager but in fact I’m not only doing PM but also administration, consulting, business analytics. So a little bit of everything except development.”

That is what makes working for a smaller consulting company like Cloudideas more exciting – the fact of being able to work on different types of projects and tasks.

Read more about Salesforce Admin’s job here.

Sergej likes working at Cloudideas because of the flat hierarchy and the friends that he has made at work.

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Sofia Filippova

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