July 1, 2020


A few decades ago, smart voice assistants such as Alexa and Siri were possibly a mere aspirational vision. How did this vision transform into reality?

Have you noticed how Netflix makes recommendations based on series and movies you’ve watched in the past?

And how about self-driving cars? Visual systems that enable identifying barriers ahead just like a human being.

How did all of this happen?

The answer is AI!!

Artificial Intelligence has indisputably marked a penetrating presence in the lives of individuals and enterprises today. As organizations grow rapidly, there is something that becomes increasingly integral to analyze- Data!

The question is, ‘Are organizations leveraging this wealth of data they possess?’

Salesforce stayed no behind in developing its native AI software- Einstein, which is a predictive intelligence tool that’s embedded into the CRM’s cloud solutions. Let’s delve into the use of AI in Sales Cloud.

Sales Cloud Einstein

Sales Cloud Einstein is designed to cater to companies of all sizes assisting them in making smart inferences as to which leads to prioritize based on Predictive Lead Scoring.

Salesforce Einstein

Salesforce is focused on making its platform advance from storing information to facilitating engagement with Leads and Contacts to eventually predicting the future. The last point will help gain understanding on which leads will become opportunities and what opportunities will become customers.

Sales teams can then focus on channelizing their efforts on building one to one relationships with valuable prospects.

Salesforce categorizes its AI benefits into the following:

  1. Discover Insights
  2. Predict Outcomes
  3. Recommend Next Steps
  4. Automate Workflows

Service Cloud Einstein

With the surge in options available for products & services, the most significant metric that sets aside a brand is customer service. The experience that a customer had while raising a service request could include factors like,

  • Whether they received satisfactory answers, and
  • How quickly the case was resolved

Service Cloud Einstein helps agents take advantage of using an automated tool that classifies cases based on their nature (for e.g. how to install a washing machine) and provides them with the instructions to resolve the case.

Case context and histories enable automating frequent questions allowing agents to focus on cases that require their personal touch and intervention.

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Marketing & Analytics Cloud Einstein

Digital marketers can vouch how immensely they’ve reaped from analyzing historic data of customers. Salesforce wanted to build an analytics tool that considers both historic and real time data to predict the plethora of possible customer actions.

Marketers can capitalize from:

  1. Predictive Scoring
  2. Predictive Audiences
  3. Automated Send-time Optimization

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Community Cloud Einstein

How does Einstein’s intelligence ensure that your customer, partner and employee community find the information they’re looking for. Einstein harnesses machine learning to tailor searches with a customer’s interests and delivers the most relevant content for the search topic. Here are some benefits of AI in Community Cloud:

  1. Recommend Experts, Articles and Topics
  2. Automate Service Escalation
  3. Newsfeed Insights

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App Cloud Einstein

Salesforce’s App Cloud Einstein was launched with the intention to empower developers by providing them with AI integrated tools, such as Predictive Vision Services and Predictive Sentiment Services, PredictionIO in Heroku Private Spaces, Predictive Modeling Services, etc.

AI in Sales

Data when captured appropriately can give insights on what’s working and what’s not for your business. Insights can further be used to make predictions and subsequent decisions.

Sure enough, the human brain is the most sophisticated technology that exists in today’s world. Then why AI in Sales? The difference is rather rudimentary: systems that recommend actions for prospects that you’re pursuing do so based on concrete data regarding past interactions rather than human instincts that follow no logic and standardization.

Some of the proven results of using AI in sales are:

  1. Better lead qualification
  2. Focus on actual selling: lesser time spent on records and reports
  3. Predictive and smarter upselling and cross-selling
  4. Price optimization: generating ideal prices considering the client’s ability to spend, location, no. of competitors, etc
  5. Higher forecasting accuracy

Business enterprises that act and react strive when on the contrary enterprises that anticipate thrive! Best organizations employ their efforts to thrive amidst challenges and what can help better to thrive than AI.

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Ria Mariam Thomas
Ria Mariam Thomas

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