March 10, 2021


If you are a marketer, you might have ten tabs open in the browser with ten different tools. Is that you ? Then Dataroma is apt for you.

Marketers like you tend to work on different tools to run Google, mobile, social media campaigns, Ads by using different tools, you would also use a CRM tool to manage all the leads information. But the problem with this is siloed data. You wouldn’t believe the power of bringing all data in one place and then make data-driven decisions. That’s what dataroma could do for you. 

This article covers what is Dataroma and why it is important for every Marketing team or business in existence.

What is Salesforce Dataroma?

Dataroma is a marketing intelligence and analytics tool wherein you can bring data from different marketing tools using connectors. Salesforce says Dataroma is transparent, saves time and promotes growth for marketers. 

Dataroma definitely saves time for marketers - they need not extract reports from tools and combine data together, you also get time to analyze the data. You can also view data in real-time and improve your campaign performance ultimately. 

“33% of the marketers agree that improved understanding and engaging with the right customers is most important to reaching their marketing goals in the next three years" - Think with Google

With the data in hand, you can gain a deeper understanding of the customers and take informed decisions.

Perks of using Dataroma

  • You can connect different marketing tools, analyze data etc without developer or admin’s help.  It’s all clicks away, there is no coding involved
  • Dataroma has it’s full focus on marketing. You could reach out to support team and also the community which understands your queries, speak your Marketing language
  • Dataroma is powered by AI and automation. You can get a single source of truth, i.e., view all data in one place and not open multiple tabs
  • As we covered in the previous section, you can drive transparency within the team and company itself. You can also measure your growth, save time’

Now that we understand what is Dataroma and how it can be helpful, in the next section we will take you through its capabilities

Connect multiple tools

With Dataroma, you connect any data; no matter where it comes from - any tool, channel or internal systems. Once you connect, you can start analyzing the data and understand your customers better. 

3 ways to connect data 

  1. LiteConnect - You could drag and drop single files or flat files and then let Dataroma do its magic (visualize). Usually you need to map the source data with the Dataroma data model, but you can skip it if you are going to view, analyze the data only once. This can be done using LiteConnect. 

This data stays independent and is not connected with the rest of the data from different sources. If you wish to view all data at one place, skip this section and go to TotalConnect, API Connect. Once you upload a file, Dataroma pulls a dashboard and you could pull insights right away. 

  1. TotalConnect - You could automate the data entry, cleaning and data model mapping, etc with Dataroma. You could skip all the tough parts and straightaway start analyzing the data. 

The icing on the cake is, the machine learning platform could learn by itself everyday. It’s getting smarter and smarter!  It learns from the data connected to Dataroma. 

Datorama Total-Connect
  1. APIConnect - Dataroma has an extensive marketing API library, along with widely used databases, storage platforms and big data environments. You could connect to any advertising, social, search, display, email, video, web, CRM tool you wish.

Analyze marketing data

Once you bring in the marketing data, the next step is to dig into it, gain insights. You could make colorful reports, optimize data with it. You could present right reports, high level KPIs to your management in mobile or web and also give the option to drill down into the data deeper. 

4 capabilities inside Dataroma 

  1. Data Canvas- Inside Dataroma, you have the Data Canvas tool where you could make interactive dashboards. You could simply select the source of data(dataset), chart you want to use and pull a dashboard within minutes. You could also customize it by adding a logo, background, etc. 

  1. SmartLens - With Data Canvas, you pulled a dashboard. With Smartlens, in a click you can pull a dashboard. Smart isn't it ? It’s AI powered and pulls the important metrics, trends which will help you make better decisions. I
  1. Einstein Marketing Insights - You can go one step further with Einstein Marketing Insights. It analyzes the campaigns you run and reveals some strategic tweaks. You could take it or drop it, however once you have a look at it you will understand what is working so far and what’s not. If you want to read more about Einstein, we got you covered.
  1.  Custom Analytics - If you are a data geek and love to deploy your own predictive model, you could do it within Dataroma. There is analytical and developer tool support like R, Python within dataroma.

Use Dataroma as a team

Marketing teams like yours could let each other know the important insights from the data or could let each other know what are the changes that’s happening with campaigns using Dataroma. 

Your goals could be managed and you could automate workflows within the tool itself. Let’s dig a little deeper how ?

Activation Rules and Library - You could set up Action rules where if a certain condition matches with the data, then an action is executed. You could send notifications and perform actions across connected platforms from Dataroma. 

There is a prebuilt Activation Connector Library with which you could connect to widely used marketing platforms and trigger campaigns from a central place. 

Collaboration - You could integrate Dataroma with Slack or any chat app you use internally. Also you could leave queries from within the dashboard and it can be answered by concerned teams. Sounds cool right ?

Secured tool for marketers

Dataroma takes security seriously. It can be used by organizations of any size - be it an agency, global firm, etc. (Do check how IBM uses Dataroma in the last section). You need not provision Dataroma manually, it’s a cloud based, multi tenant platform which is highly secure and gives right access to right personnel based on their roles.


Dataroma Marketplace

You could find multiple apps created by partners, developers in the Dataroma Marketplace specific to marketing. You could test them by requesting a demo, start using them if it fits your needs 

It is connected to Salesforce AppExchange, where once you are happy with the product, you could request installation directly. These apps have specific use cases like Lead generation, Smartlens apps, etc that they support, you could evaluate them based on your needs. 


Tips for Marketing Teams

If you consider using Dataroma for your Marketing team, here are some tips for you.

  • Measure Lead generation campaigns, see where every dollar goes and predict Marketing ROI effectively.

B2B- Funnel-measurement

  • When you design dashboards, decide on the most important metrics and start visualizing. Too much information is not good. Also know your audience before creating a dashboard. A CFO and CTO thinks differently, they are keen on looking at different metrics
  • Use colorful and apt charts to visualize the information. It is pretty easy to understand the information, tweak strategies from charts. 

IBM Dataroma Usecase

We all know IBM is one of the biggest tech companies and the amount of marketing data can be huge. The global marketing and analytics teams found it hard to support every marketing personnel with the right amount of data, KPIs, etc. 100s of data streams from different channels, tools from different locations need to be connected with Dataroma. 

IBM connected all data sources into Dataroma and made it the single source of truth.

“Datorama is very much a keystone to our entire reporting front end. The ability to connect, cleanse, and organize IBM’s data is critical for our business users to gain trust in its quality, which helps drive adoption and motivate our data-driven culture forward" - Robert Edelman, a Digital Analytics and Strategy Manager at IBM

Post implementation, the internal teams, external partners were able to make data-driven decisions and have productive conversations. Datorama supports more than 10 global budget centers that serve across IBM. This equals about 40 team members running more than 150 daily reports.

Final Thoughts

Personalization has become an important aspect of marketing. Like traditional marketing, you cannot sell to customers without knowing their preferences and how would you know their preferences ? - from the data you gather. 

But if you have data in 100 different places and have to view them all before running a campaign, you will skip it right ? That’s when Datorama comes in. 

If you are a marketing head or an executive, after reading this blog and by now, you would have realized the value of data-driven marketing. Please leave your queries as comments and our experts CloudIdeas are happy to answer.

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