September 29, 2020


Do you think Automation and Robots are stealing jobs ?

According to research by Adobe Digital Insights, the answer is No.

“Contrary to popular belief, most people are talking about how robots are helping them do their work, rather than taking away jobs. Automation mentions online have doubled year-over-year (YoY), and average daily mentions of robots and jobs have increased 70% YoY”

Smart Marketers are already using Marketing automation Software for B2B Lead Generation.

Are you one ?

In this article, we are addressing the ways in which Pardot – Marketing Automation tool can help in B2B Lead Generation and Nurturing.


  1. Track your Visitors and Leads
  2. Get B2B Leads with Forms, Landing Pages
  3. Improve Lead’s Buying Experience (Customer Experience)
  4. Send Dynamic Content, Emails to Leads
  5. Measure your Lead generation efforts
  6. Automate Marketing Processes

1. Track your Visitors and B2B Leads

Pardot helps you generate leads and move them through the sales funnel. The first step is to  generate demand for your product from marketing activities like Blogging, Advertising, etc.

Following this, anonymous people would visit your Website. You can track who these visitors are using Pardot.

Pardot Lead Generation Funnel
Pardot B2B Lead Generation funnel

Pardot could help you track visitors’ interactions with the website and their actions. You can study visitor’s browsing behavior using this cookie. It collects information from your visitor’s web browser, when they visit your website.

The visitors can choose to remain anonymous, so to respect visitor’s privacy and to comply with the  “Do Not Track” initiative, Pardot uses two types of Cookies – Visitor and Opt-in Cookie.

Once a visitor navigates through your website and fills out a form or landing page, then they are converted to prospects. Later on the leads are scored based on their behavior, interest in your product using Einstein AI capabilities. Once the leads are sales qualified, they are passed from Marketing to Sales team.

Einstein Lead Scoring
Einstein Lead Scoring

Read more about Pardot Implementation here.

2. Get B2B Leads with Forms, Landing Pages

Pardot Form Builder lets you create forms that collect information about your leads. You can include default fields or custom fields, send even automated thank you emails after submission.

“50% of marketers say inbound marketing strategies, such as onsite forms, are their primary source of leads.”

The showstopper feature is Pardot’s Progressive Profiling. It lets you break long forms into many short forms. As and when a user fills in information in the form, it displays dependent fields.

Pardot Lead Generation form
Pardot Lead Generation form

Landing pages are the webpages which visitors first land in after interacting with Marketing materials. These pages are usually specific to keyword and Searcher’s intent.

Strategic landing pages are used by 68% of B2B businesses to acquire leads”

Pardot has stock templates and a drag-and-drop editor to create these professional looking Landing Pages.

3. Improve Lead’s Buying Experience (Customer Experience)

Customer Experience is more important than ever. Did you know ?

48% of Marketers using Marketing automation says it is one of the 4 most popular methods to create personalized customer experiences. – House of Marketing “Yearly Marketing Survey 2019”

Pardot’s Engagement Studio can help you create personalized Customer engagement programs. It’s driven by customer behavior and demographic data from CRM.

Pardot Customer Journey Mapping
Pardot customer journey mapping

You can design, test and improve the Marketing programs. Testing the path a customer would take will help you to understand their needs, emotions better.

4. Send Dynamic Content, Emails to Leads

With Pardot, you could include dynamic content in your emails or web pages tailored to lead’s interests, location, past behaviour, etc. This could lead to more lead generation form fills.

Dynamic content is displayed based on certain criteria you want to personalize by. It can be based on any field that you pick.

You could also insert personalized fields into emails.These are called as Variable Tags in Pardot world. Eg:%%first_name%%

Read more about Personalization here.

Pardot lets you deliver the apt email at the right time to your leads. You could create them using Pardot’s email Template builder, and also A/B test and spam test them.

Pardot email builder
Pardot email builder

5. Measure your B2B Lead generation efforts

Pardot has powerful B2B Marketing Analytics integrated. You could get detailed dashboards which shows data about your campaigns, pipeline and which content performs better.

Pardot reporting
Pardot reporting

This will help you understand where the high-Quality leads are coming from and lets you focus more on this channel. Finally, you could measure your Marketing ROI and customize reports according to your needs.

6. Automate Marketing Processes

There are multiple scenarios or use cases where a Marketing Automation Tool like Pardot can help in B2B lead generation and nurturing.  

Case 1: Completion Action

If the Lead completes an activity like filling a form, then Pardot automatically triggers an action like internal Notification.

Case 2: Automation Rules

With Automation Rules an action will be completed based on one or many criteria. The action could be performed if criteria prospect matches any or all of the criteria.

Here’s an example which will help you understand Automation Rules better

You could assign a Lead to US Sales Reps based on State and if they have filled the Demo form.

Pardot automation rules
Pardot automation rules

Case 3: Segmentation Rules

Automation and Segmentation rules operate based on conditions but segmentation rule runs only once and is solely used for building Marketing lists and campaigns

Case 4: Dynamic Lists

You can build Dynamic Lead lists based on certain criteria. These lists once setup by an user is maintained automatically by the tool itself.

Your Time to Get Started

You know what makes a Marketing team smart ?

It is definitely the inclination to try new tools and strategies.

Pardot is a more powerful tool than you think it is. Especially for B2B lead generation.

Why wait ?  

If you are already using (or) want to use Salesforce/Pardot contact us, our experts are here to help.

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