June 29, 2020


Last week Salesforce released a new product during the TrailheaDX 2020: Salesforce Anywhere. The idea of the new release is to efficiently meet the demands of the new way that the work places are functioning. Because of the pandemic, many of the jobs have moved to being remote and there are new rules regarding social distancing and health at the offices.

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Salesforce Anywhere really speaks for it’s name as it allows collaboration from anywhere in the Salesforce platform and from wherever you are.

To give an example, let’s Imagine you are a sales manager following a specific deal. You would be able to sign up for alerts on specific changes regarding the deal and directly chat or video call about the deal  with your whole team. The great thing about this is that you will be able to view the record and the objects you are talking about while on the call / chat without using other communication tools.

You will also be able to add comments and changes to the record in real time as well as get personalised suggestions with the help of Einstein.

Salesforce Anywhere
Salesforce Anywhere screenshot showing the communication

You can watch a quick demo of the communication features here.

Salesforce Anywhere is jam-packed with other interesting features and products such as employee service solutions aimed for IT help desks. Salesforce has announced a partnership with Tanium to deliver solutions to power incident management, assets, endpoint data and to increase productivity of the IT service desk.

The release dates are:

  • The Salesforce Anywhere App available in beta from July
  • The employee service solution: in beta in November 2020.

For a more comprehensive overview of the features and products in the Salesforce Anywhere umbrella and their release dates, check out their press release here.

We are looking forward to seeing what else Salesforce has up their sleeve also with the summer release coming on July 10th.

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