July 17, 2020


“Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity – not a threat.” – Steve Jobs

Last week Salesforce unveiled their Summer ‘20 release. We went through the Salesforce Summer ‘20 release notes and have jotted down some of the most interesting updates to stay on top of the innovation by Salesforce.

Sales Cloud

1. Kanban View Enhancements

The popular Kanban view that assists reps visually in optimizing the actions needed to qualify opportunities to the next level can now be updated without entering a specific record. By clicking on an opportunity, details pertaining to the deal appears on the right-hand side along with Key Fields & Guidance for Success as shown in the image below.

2. High Velocity Sales: Einstein Call Coaching

This feature in the Einstein Call Coaching dashboard assists managers in gaining keyword-driven insights on Products and Competitors. Managers can evaluate the quality of interactions reps are having with customers and coach them based on the need. Increased customer engagement around a topic enables managers to fine-tune strategy around certain keywords.

3. Partner Relationship Management: Account Hierarchy Enhancements

Companies that have a complex distribution system can now create a partner account hierarchy (up to 7 levels of distribution) that reflects the right information to the right stakeholders.

Service Cloud

1. Service Cloud Voice

The bonus of recording voice calls, making available digital conversations & CRM data is now on Service Cloud Voice. A product that integrates the Amazon Connect on Salesforce which an org can use to assign the nature of calls that go to a set of agents and set customized texts and IVR to customers who contact your call center. The recorded call, as well as transcripts, that are connected to a customer profile make it possible to create a seamless experience for both the customer as well as the Cloud Voice user.

Read more about the intelligent telephony within Service Cloud here

2. Einstein Reply Recommendations

Agents can now see AI-powered reply recommendations while messaging a customer who has raised a request, allowing them to minimize time spent on routine tasks and focus on providing a swift and smooth customer experience.

Read more about AI and Einstein here.

3. Field Service Lightning: Deep Link Actions

Introducing deep linking will make easier the launch of an action or flow for Field Service workers.

Marketing Cloud

1. Content Builder: Interactive Email

Marketers can now create attractive Email forms within an email that is sent out to a subscriber. The templates, review, and personal information and interests capturing mechanism allow creating engaging emails. This information about a customer helps in further personalizing touchpoints in marketing, sales, and service based on responses.

2. Datorama: Data Lake

Data Lake is a new architecture solution which is a paid add-on to the Datorama solution. The feature processes raw granular data for marketing purposes such as analysis, visualization, reporting, activations, etc.


3. Einstein Copy Insights

A subject line analytics tool that helps marketers comprehend language-related insights to further analyze what drives customers to engage with a brand.

4. Einstein Messaging Insights

This insights tool detects a deviation in customer reaction from expected performance metrics and surfaces these deviations so tweaks can be made to email sends.


5. Social Studio: Instagram Story Publishing

Scheduling and publishing Instagram stories to grow a social audience is smooth with this feature.

6. Pardot: Einstein Attribution

This multi-touch attribution model is capable of capturing patterns in conversion and highlights the most effective campaigns and channels. A marketer can visualize touchpoints from marketing to sales and thereby tweak initiatives and strategies.

7. Pardot: B2B Marketing Analytics Plus

Salesforce B2B marketers can leverage this feature to predict the ROI across campaigns and channels. B2B Marketing Analytics Plus provides an insight into engagement trends and smart recommendations unique to an org that help in identifying areas for increased engagement and revenue. The analytics tool allows marketers to directly connect with data sources such as Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Google Ads, etc to create custom data sets.


1. Audience Targeting Enhancements

The basic fundamentals of any business is to profoundly understand the target persona so as to build and deliver what they need and will need. Community Cloud’s personalization feature makes possible targeting different content to different personas on the Salesforce CMS.

2. Salesforce CMS Enhancements

The two new enhancements for content creators include bulk content import into the Salesforce CMS from any source and new content types such as images and documents.

3. Action Override

This release has made the New and Edit standard actions on standard and custom components customizable. Any lightning component can be used as an action override completely customizing the way records are created.

New to Salesforce Communities? Read about the basic set up steps here.



1. Data Prep Enhancements

A data prep tool that is an addition to Einstein analytics with intelligent transformations like Detect Sentiment. Performing sentiment analysis of the feedback collected will determine whether the feedback is positive, negative, or neutral and reflect the corresponding value in the datasets.


2. Einstein Discovery: Tree-Based Models

The two new tree-based modeling capabilities are:

  • GBM- Gradient boosting
  • XGBoost- Extreme gradient boosting

These can be enabled in the algorithm drop-down menu in the Einstein Analytics Studio.  When enabled, they help in assessing What Happened, Why it Happened, and What Could Happen basis the story you are interested in discovering.

What are our top 3 features from the Summer 20’ release?

As a Salesforce consultancy, we also asked our project managers and Salesforce developers what were their favorite features. The top three according to our team were:

  1. Einstein Call Coaching
  2. Service Cloud Voice
  3. Action override feature in Communities

What next?

You can learn more about the Summer ‘20 release by reading the Salesforce release notes here and by or by doing a deep dive with Trailhead here.  

Of course if you have any questions or need any help with the new Salesforce Summer’20 release, feel free to reach out to us. We’d be happy to discuss how we can help you maximize the value of Salesforce.  

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